Longs Peak Scottish•Irish Highland Festival

Clans & Societies

The Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival has a long list of clans that come every year to display their family histories. Clan AGMs at this year's festival: Honored Clans Young, Sinclair, Rose, Davidson, and McNichol.

The following clans are expected to be on the field: Anderson, Armstrong, Bell, Blair, Bruce, Buchanan, Cameron, Campbell, Chisholm, Cian, Cochrane, Colquhoun, Cumming, Cunningham, Davidson, Donald, Donnachaidh/Robertson, Douglas, Dowling, Dunbar, Dunlop/Dunlap, Elliot, Farquharson, Fergusson, Forbes,  Fraser of Lovat, Graham, Grant, Gregor, Gunn, Guthrie, Hamilton, Hay, Henderson, House of Gordon, Hunter, Johnston/Johnstone, Kennedy, Keith, Kincaid, Lindsay, Lockhart, Logan, MacAlasdair, MacCallum/Malcolm, MacDougall, MacDuff Society of America, MacFarlane, MacFarlane World Wide, Macfie, MacInnes, MacIntyre, MacKay, MacKenzie, Mackintosh, MacLaren, MacLachlan, MacLea (Livingstone), MacLean, MacLellan, MacLeod, MacNab, MacNaughton, MacNeil,  MacNicol, MacPherson, MacRae, Maxwell, Moffet, Montgomery, Morrison, Muirhead, Murray,  Pollock, Ross, Rutherford,  Scott, Stewart, Sutherland, Thompson, Turnbull, Wallace, Wishart, Young.


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